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Continuous disinfection 24/7

Disinfect all day


Platinum Protection

Disinfectant plasma

The only system capable of performing 24/7 disinfection with or without people on site, reducing the risk of contagion by up to 99%.

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How does it work?

Generates disinfectant all day.

These systems generate an ionized disinfectant plasma based on hydrogen peroxide in micro-quantities that are imperceptible to humans but effective against viruses, bacteria and any contaminant.

El plasma generado, además de desinfectar el aire, se pega a las superficies y de esta forma contribuye a la salud de las personas.



This technology is supported by NASA studies, it uses a catalytic catalyst that produces, through a noble metal cell, natural oxidants, among which PEROXIDE (hydrogen peroxide in small particles) predominates, imperceptible to humans, but very effective. in the destruction of VIRUSES.

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Test 1:

Muestra de reduccion de bacterias con respr

Pathogens - Visual bacteria and mold growth test.

The effectiveness is easy to see with the naked eye in frequent independent and client-based studies.

• In this example, air samples were taken with Petri dishes before and after START-UP inside the air ducts.

• The significant reduction in bacteria (white spots) and mold (gray spots) is clear.

Test 2:

Muestra de eliminacio de particulas COV con Respr

VOC: removal of airborne particles.

The smallest particles are often the ones that cause the most breathing problems. It is independently tested on volatile organic compounds and tested in daily use around the world.

• Test performed by SGS on tobacco smoke as an example of small respirable particles <4 μm (PM4).

• Sample product: Induct 5000.

• Results: up to 98% removal of respirable particles.

• Significant reductions also in carbon monoxide and CO2.

Test 3:

VOC - Ethylene Removal (<0.3 μm)

The molecules in the generated plasma are effective on fine particle VOCs that even high quality HEPA filters do not remove. One of the best examples is the reduction of ethylene gas (C2H4).

• This scientific trial was carried out in two independent fruit growers from clients in Spain.

• Readings were taken before and after standard installation of an inDuct purifier

• Results: reduction of up to 85% in ethylene concentrations (below 0.3μm).

How does it is applied?

Mobile Units

Disinfection of cars, vans, trucks, yachts, airplanes, trains and much more.

In pipelines

As long as your air conditioning (HVAC) is on ...

your tranquility will be increasing

Plug & Play

Step 1: Connect to the light (127v)

Step 2: Turn it on with the remote control

Step 3: Relax and let it work all day.

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- Effective against bad odors and VOC's

- Safe, discreet and silent

- Maintenance every 18 months approx.

- Power supply: 24 v / 12 v

- Range: 60m 3

Greyhound respr transportes desinfeccion



- Disinfects all day

- Generates ionized disinfectant that sticks to any surface

- Compatible with all HVAC systems

- Effective against bad odors and VOC's

- Safe, discreet and silent

- Maintenance every 18 months approx.

- Power supply: 24 v / 12 v

- Scope: up to 2,500 m3 with a single device

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InDuct solutions install easily in existing HVAC ducts.

These devices work continuously without an operator.

They work with the air to generate negatively charged molecules, like hydrogen peroxide. These molecules leave the duct, circulate through the room through the air, and land on all surfaces. During this process, these negatively charged molecules are actively seeking positively charged molecules, such as mold, bacteria, and viruses, to neutralize at the molecular level.

Once neutralized, they return to hydrogen and oxygen.

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These devices come in a variety of sizes and a combination of these units can be used to cover any space. Depending on the unit, the device will cover from 60 to 2,500 cubic meters.

Our team of experts will work with you to review your HVAC drawings, decide on the combination of units needed, and schedule your installation.

For installation, we will simply drill a 3.5 inch hole in the side of your HVAC, insert the unit, plug into the HVAC system, and power up with the system.


Plug & Play

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Regain your peace of mind and return to normality.

Once it's plugged into the wall and turned on, it's ready for continuous 24/7 use.

Includes a remote control to allow easy adjustments to your unit.

We call this drive portable because it is not permanently installed. You can take it with you if you ever leave your space.

This product is ideal for offices, waiting rooms, shops, doctor's offices, rented spaces, or smaller spaces up to 150 square meters.