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Ozone as a disinfectant

Disinfectant water

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As a disinfectant?

Ozone is a recognized and excellent disinfectant, the best that nature produces.

This is formed when Oxygen comes into contact with UV rays from the Sun, as well as when there are electrical storms.

Ozone has the ability to oxidize and degrade the membrane that protects many types of fungi, viruses and bacteria .

Atmosfera con mucho ozono


Oxygen x3 = OZONE

  •   It is made from Oxygen

  • The environment is full of oxygen

  • No person is allergic to oxygen

  • Ozone is 3,000 times more powerful and faster to disinfect than Chlorine, which can be risky to use and handle and leave toxic residues.

  • 30 minutes after its application it returns to being OXYGEN  

Ozone must be produced at the moment by a special equipment that simulates an electrical storm on a micro scale and in a controlled and measured way.

Called ozone generators

It can be spread in the environment by the same equipment to disinfect the air we breathe, or it can be injected into water to make a disinfectant

Es recomendable que un profesional asesore la instalación para sacarle el máximo provecho a estos equipos generadores de ozono

How is it applied?

Air Application

Ozone cannons

For Mobile Units  

For Closed Spaces

Ozone generation systems in air with characteristics   special depending on your application and model. These systems are made under strict quality standards that guarantee their operation for up to 2 years due to manufacturing defects so that your investment is safe.

360 Ozone Cabin

  • HyperOzonized Water

  • Non toxic

  • Unlimited Sanitizer

  • Custom finishes

  • Stainless steel pipes

Smart Protection cabin of high disinfection at 360 degrees with hyperozonized water through nebulization system. Includes: Stainless steel pipe with 10 nozzles for micro-spraying, 1/2 hp hydraulic system for pressurization, contact tank, ozone generator (5g / h).

You can apply any finish you want.

Finishing examples:

Application in Water

Smart Ozone

  • Hyper-Ozone water is the ideal disinfectant

  • Without inputs

  • Disintegrates 30 minutes after application

  • Zero residual contamination

  • You only need water and light

  • No Toxicity  

  • Multiple application methods

  • Disinfects in seconds

  • 99.99% effective against fungi, viruses and bacteria

Hyper Ozone Water Generator

Ozone in gas

When placing an ozone generating equipment in an area, Ozone interacts with germs, inactivating them in a short time.

The space can be small, such as a doctor's office, to a very large space such as an entire hospital or an airport.

Ozone concentrations recommended by official institutions are lower than 0.10 ppm, however, bacteria and viruses are susceptible to ozone from 0.03 ppm.

To achieve high disinfection and sterilization with only ozone gas, as in some operating rooms, concentrations above 20 ppm are required, so no person should be present in that place.

However, in lower concentration it is effective and not harmful to people.

The ozone gas methodology is very useful to have a bacteriostatic and microbiologically controlled environment on a continuous basis.

Ozone in Water

It consists of adding a lot of ozone to the water (water hyperozonation ) and spreading it through an artificial cloud ( cold nebulizer ).


This allows water to transport and bind ozone to surfaces and microorganisms for longer.

Misting ozone also makes the particles are suspended longer in air, unlike a spray, where water droplets are heavier and fall to the ground faster.

It is efficient for both environment and surfaces.

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